Support Services
To provide clients with comprehensive event services, ProAdvance has formed a network of consultants and companies that provide the technical services that we do not offer directly. Long-standing relationships with event services vendors (from audiovisual companies to security firms) result not only in lower overhead costs for an event, but in the kind of quality assurance that is only possible through the trust and accountability that come with years of professional interaction. Below are just a few. For more information or to contact our trusted vendors directly, visit the ProAdvance Event Production Resource Guide.

When it comes to photographers, one size does not fit all. From festive event photographers to capture the décor and elegance of a gala, to award-winning photojournalists to document an important event from their unique perspective, ProAdvance will find the right photographer to capture your event on film.

Video production

Video Production Services
Professionally recording an event turns it into an ongoing communication tool. Footage will help you produce video news releases, promotional videos, webcasts, or reels for future events. ProAdvance can recommend and contract for the crews and equipment to do this most effectively.

For clients that need original video for their events or other promotional activities, we work with independent producers with experience in both broadcast media and corporate video production.

Interactive satellite services

Interactive Satellite Services
Sometimes it's not possible to bring every person and element of an event onto the same stage. And sometimes the very essence of the event is the combination of several elements, all geographically dispersed. An exciting way that ProAdvance can help bring those different locations together into a single event packaged for media consumption is to include live interactive satellite feeds in your event.

ProAdvance can coordinate every aspect of the satellite broadcast, from lining up the facilities, crews and equipment, to booking satellite time and coordinating the production. We integrated satellite communications into Colin Powell's Report to the Nation, and the Enlarging NATO conference.