When clients have extraordinary air travel needs, ProAdvance can charter aircraft to accommodate their schedules.

Advance / Logistics / Protocol

Traveling dignitaries and celebrities are most effective when a comfortable and logistically flawless experience allows them to make the most of their time on the road. ProAdvance's VIP advance services provide that experience to government leaders, corporate executives, political candidates and celebrities.

Why outsource advance and protocol?

Coordinating the scheduling and logistical details of a high-profile entourage is demanding work that only attracts attention when things go wrong. To ensure that things don't go wrong, hire advance, logistics and protocol consultants that have already proven they can get the job done. Then the VIPs can focus on their mission. The advance team handles the rest.

ProAdvance will make your job easier

We provide clients with peace of mind and the opportunity to focus on the purpose of their trip instead of on the mundane details that have to be attended to in order for the VIPs to move from one event to the next in a timely and dignified manner. Whether the schedule has them criss-crossing the country or just one city, we can help.

Where does ProAdvance add value?

ProAdvance can aid any VIP group. We provide talent relations for Hollywood events and publicity tours, protocol services for foreign government delegations visiting the U.S., and advance representatives for CEOs traveling the world. With our experience at The White House, the planning of fast-paced visits by foreign leaders, and taking multinational delegations through tours of both the world’s hot spots and its financial capitals, members of our team are adept at solving even the most trying logistical challenges.

ProAdvance coordinates all of the logistical elements necessary for a successful trip, including scheduling, protocol, air charter, travel planning, hotel accommodations, local transportation, security, and communications.

ProAdvance is the one company you can count on to make your important trip run flawlessly. Why take unnecessary chances when experienced troubleshooters are just a phone call away?

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