New Atlantic Initiative

Italian soldiers man a checkpoint at the border between Kosovo and the Republic of Montenegro.

COMKFOR General Dr. Klaus Reinhardt discusses events in Kosovo with the New Atlantic Initiative delegation.

PROJECT: Fact-finding mission to the Balkans

AUDIENCE: 17-member delegation, made up of senior government officials and journalists from the U.S. and Europe

LOCATION: Pristina, Kosovo and Podgorica, Montenegro

CHALLENGE: Plan a schedule of briefings with top political, military, media and other leaders in the region and advance the visit

ProAdvance advanced delegation on one-week trip visiting Kosovo and the Republic of Montenegro. Cooperated with NATO’s Kosovo Force and the Montenegrin government, allowing the delegation unfettered access to the political, military, business and media leaders in the region. Using presidential advance experience, provided a safe, comfortable environment for the delegates, even with the challenging security situation and lack of modern facilities in many areas.

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