Our Team

Andrew Garlikov is President of ProAdvance. Mr. Garlikov's background includes work in politics, business development, public relations and communication consulting.

Recently, he was employed by business publisher Reed Business Information, first in the marketing department of Variety (Hollywood's leading entertainment trade publication), and then at Video Business and DVD Exclusive (both in Variety's home entertainment group). Earlier in his career, Mr. Garlikov worked for the management consulting firm Booz-Allen & Hamilton.

Mr. Garlikov's political experience started in the early nineties, when he worked in the White House Office of Administration as a graphic designer and later served as a presidential advance representative during the 1992 campaign. During the 1996 presidential primary campaign Mr. Garlikov served as a press lead for Senator Bob Dole, acting as the campaign's liaison to local and national media on high-profile campaign trips.

Mr. Garlikov graduated from American University's School of International Service with a Bachelor of Arts in International Studies with a focus on security policy. Later, he studied mass media practices and political communication, earning a Master of Arts in Communication at the University of Arizona's top-ranked graduate program.

While at ProAdvance, Mr. Garlikov has planned and executed nearly 200 special events all over the United States for a wide variety of corporate, non-profit, association, government and political clients. He has managed international conferences in Europe and the Middle East, and planned visits by foreign government leaders visiting the United States. In 1999, shortly after the conclusion of hostilities in Kosovo, he led a delegation of American and European foreign policy experts through the war-torn Balkans.

Mr. Garlikov has authored several articles for event and meeting magazines and contributes to industry web sites. His interests include graphic art and photography, both of which have been put to good use on behalf of ProAdvance clients.